1. https://wiki.corp.adobe.com/display/git/FAQ
2. Papadimitriou, and Vazirani 3. HTTP/2: 400gb of images per day 4. a tool for powerful automation of OS X 5. Quantum Origin of Time (bbc.com) 6. Fund Wants to Use Atomic Clocks to Beat High-Speed Traders (bloomberg.com) 7. easily run Kubernetes locally (kubernetes.io) 8. Farewell to FRP 9. invasive way to introduce Elm to our stack, 10. to use Elm at work (elm-lang.org) 11. C to Rust translator written in Haskell (github.com) 12. Algorithms based on the Backpropagation 13. of commands that you can ask Google 14. Berkeley 15. a BitTorrent client from scratch in C 16. a BitTorrent client in Haskell 17. to Write a Bittorrent Client, Part 1 18. Integration Testing at the Speed of Netflix 19. simple, fully featured command line note taking tool written in Rust 20. Feynman's famous diagrams embody a deep shift in thinking about how the universe is put together 21. of Mental Models: Wisdom of Crowds 22. 15-721 (Spring 2016) Database Systems (cmu.edu) 23. by Gil Tene on Low Latency Java in the Real World: LMAX Exchange 24. Through Time to Increase Your Effectiveness 25. Concepts To Add To Your Cognitive Toolkit 26. algorithm uses a recurrent neural network to predict sound features from videos 27. Feynman Diagrams Are So Important (quantamagazine.org) 28. simple, fully featured command line note taking tool written in Rust 29. Integration Testing at the Speed of Netflix 30. AnalysisVolume I: A Gentle Introduction 31. Calculus%2C Linear Algebra%2C and Differential Forms%3A A Unified ApproachVector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms A Unified Approach 32. Definitive Guide to Linux System Calls 33. for Erlang 34. Joy and Agony of Haskell in Production 35. Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents 36. Data analysis with Monoids 37. Finding and Solving Problems 38. Monads to Machine Code (Part 1) 39. A tidy, linear Git history 40. bytecode-level engineering, and beyond 41. A collection of tips to help take your CSS skills pro. 42. Demonstrating Shem 43. Common Probability Distributions: The Data Scientist’s Crib Sheet 44. The Greatest Unsolved Problem In Theoretical Physics: Why Gravity Is So Weak 45. Elm by Example (elm-by-example.org) 46. tutorial for the Elm programming language 47. Poor man's VPN via ssh socks proxy 48. Software Foundations, the mathematical underpinnings of reliable software 49. Fraunhofer Lines 50. 1ML core and modules united 51. Abstract Algebra: The definition of a Group 52. A/B Testing, from scratch 53. Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence 54. Ask HN: What's your favorite online course? 55. The most beautiful theory 56. CORE TECHNOLOGY: SIGNALS 57. A python tutorial on bayesian modeling techniques 58. A Tale of Two Onboardings 59. ore lessons learned from building machine learning systems (slideshare.net) 60. Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms (2014) (huji.ac.il) 61. Anatomy of a Haskell-based Application (abailly.github.io) 62. Erlang beauty (ikura.co) 63. A Visual Introduction to DSP for SDR (switchb.org) 64. Introducing the new Google 65. A bird's eye view on API development 66. A bird's eye view on API development 67. Plotting tools for networks, part I 68. The Discovery of Statistical Regression 69. Spot instances allow you to bid for unused capacity 70. Your live coding demo is boring (inconshreveable.com) 71. Instagration Pt. 2: Scaling our infrastructure to multiple data centers 72. smartparens 73. On Being Smart (2009) [pdf] (epfl.ch) 74. Visualizing Algorithms 75. A lot of websockets in Haskell 76. http://www.ribbonfarm.com/2015/10/29/quasiparticles-and-the-miracle-of-emergence/
77. Locked doors, headaches, and intellectual need (mkremins.github.io) 78. Inside the ubiquitous 741 op amp, the circuits in silicon 79. Focusing on Spot Instances – Let’s Talk About Best Practices 80. Making Sense of Dell EMC  VMware 81. Mining Modern Repositories with Elasticsearch 82. Visualizing Docker Containers and Images 83. Securing AWS Credentials on Engineer's Machines 84. Mars Loops The Loop - Wonders of the Solar System 85. Java 8’s new Optional type doesn't solve anything (medium.com) 86. List of the Most Popular MOOCs (onlinecoursereport.com) 87. The 50 Most Popular MOOCs of All Time 88. Swarm vs. Fleet vs. Kubernetes vs. Mesos (oreilly.com) 89. How to Criticize with Kindness: Philosopher Daniel Dennett on the Four Steps to Arguing Intelligently 90. Adventures in financial and software engineering 91. UWSGI VS. GUNICORN, OR HOW TO MAKE PYTHON GO FASTER THAN NODE 92. Deploying a sharded, production-ready MongoDB cluster with Ansible 93. Getting started with OTP: creating psycho families ! 94. Floating IPs: Start Architecting Your Applications for High Availability 95. So you're learning OCaml (hyegar.com) 96. Facebook Relay: An Evil And/Or Incompetent Attack on REST (pandastrike.com) 97. Facebook Relay: An Evil And/Or Incompetent Attack On REST 98. Debugging Lisp Part 1: Recompilation 99. ElixirConf 2015 - Keynote by José Valim 100. Simple Sequential A/B Testing 101. JSF Tutorial: An Introduction to JSF 102. Rebuilding Our Infrastructure with Docker, ECS, and Terraform 103. Choose Concurrency-Friendly Data Structures 104. A Taste of Haskell - part1 July 23, 2007 105. Adventure with Types in Haskell - Simon Peyton Jones (Lecture 1) 106. Developing with Docker at IFTTT 107. Basics of Space Flight: Orbital Mechanics (braeunig.us) 108. ORBITAL MECHANICS 109. GHC API-based backend for emacs 110. How to Write a Git Commit Message 111. Alan Kay, 2015: Power of Simplicity 112. Probability 113. Xavier Noria: Homage to Perl 114. A Web Crawler With asyncio Coroutines 115. Launching the world’s most affordable solar-powered light 116. Notes on How Parsers and Compilers Work 117. Scott Wlaschin - Railway Oriented Programming 118. Functional programming design patterns by Scott Wlaschin 119. Developing ClojureScript With Figwheel 120. A successful strategy to get college students thinking critically 121. List of common misconceptions 122. The Myth of Chastity Belts (atlasobscura.com) 123. PYTHON TIPS 124. Intermediate Python 125. Ngrok – Expose any local server behind a NAT or firewall to the Internet (ngrok.com) 126. “CS for All” developed at Harvey Mudd College 127. When would you choose Erlang? (2013) (troutwine.us) 128. Agda Tutorial 129. Ask HN: Books with a high signal to noise ratio? 130. How Google Translate squeezes deep learning onto a phone (googleresearch.blogspot.com) 131. SSL tools we wish we'd known about earlier (certsimple.com) 132. The Open Logic Project (openlogicproject.org) 133. Change of basis in Linear Algebra (thegreenplace.net) 134. Change of basis in Linear Algebra 135. Securing Go web applications 136. Show HN: CSS Quality Guide (github.com) 137. building a simple guestbook application using Luminus 138. How Arel Converts Ruby Queries Into SQL Statements 139. lifestyle business? 140. Data Structures and Functional Programming 141. Interviewing candidates (ericlippert.com) 142. Interviewing candidates 143. How to undo (almost) anything with Git 144. Lucene: The Good Parts 145. Show HN: Differential Equations Explained (lewis500.github.io) 146. DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS EXPLAINED 147. Concise electronics for geeks 148. Great Worksin Programming LanguagesCollected by Benjamin C. Pierce 149. ØMQ - The Guide (zeromq.org) 150. Solved by Flexbox (philipwalton.github.io) 151. Gin is a web framework written in Go (Golang) 152. Teaching Statistics 153. Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup 154. NAT traversal is known as UDP hole punching. 155. Process and thread fundamentals 156. Kill MathBret Victor 157. how I teach everyone Haskell 158. Making Money From FP 159. The Great Math Mystery 160. PyFormat Using % and .format() for great good! 161. Peter Norvig: How Computers Learn 162. Modern Methods for Sentiment Analysis 163. Free Ebook: How to Code in HTML5 and CSS3 (howtocodeinhtml.com) 164. How to Code in HTML5 and CSS3 165. How I Start: Clojure (howistart.org) 166. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science » Mathematics for Computer Science » Video 167. Learning VIM while playing a game 168. Hacker's guide to Neural Networks 169. Exact real arithmetic 170. Dad and The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming (2012) (stephenwyattbush.com) 171. Why Children Need Chores (wsj.com) 172. Khan Academy: Algorithms (khanacademy.org) 173. Zanshin: Learning the Art of Attention and Focus From a Legendary Samurai Archer 174. http://www.idreamofwires.org/
175. Lucene: The Good Parts (parsely.com) 176. OR: I seriously like NASA, and insulting you in the process 177. Fake Amazon Tech Book Reviews Are Hurting My Book (perl.org) 178. An intro to Bayesian methods and probabilistic programming from a computation/understanding-first, 179. Lens Tutorial - Introduction (part 1) 180. AppLovin: Marketing To Mobile Consumers Worldwide By Processing 30 Billion Requests A Day 181. Seneca On the Proper Use of Time 182. SEEING CIRCLES, SINES, AND SIGNALS 183. Stephen King’s “Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully – in Ten Minutes” 184. Hacking with Andrew and Brad: an HTTP/2 client 185. Psychology Journal Bans Significance Testing 186. Week 1 (14 January): Introduction to Haskell 187. bitemyapp/learnhaskell 188. Startup advice, briefly 189. Refactoring code that accesses external services 190. Why OCaml, why now? (2014) (spyder.wordpress.com) 191. Clojure from the ground up: debugging 192. Docker in Action - Fitter, Happier, More Productive 193. An introduction to QuickCheck by example: Number theory and Okasaki's red-black trees 194. .htaccess Snippets 195. Screw motivation, what you need is discipline (wisdomination.com) 196. Haskell in the Large [pdf] (haskell.org) 197. Being a retired professor 198. Dissecting Message Queues 199. NSQ is a successor to simplequeue 200. Mistakes Developers Make When Using Python for Big Data 201. Positioning in web design 202. The Simulated Annealing Algorithm (katrinaeg.com) 203. Eigenvectors and eigenvalues explained visually (setosa.io) 204. Go Static or Go Home 205. Python Tips and Traps 206. Matter.js - a 2D rigid body physics engine for the web (brm.io) 207. Awk in 20 Minutes 208. Misconceptions about evolution 209. How to raise successful children (washingtonpost.com) 210. What does it take to run a web app with 5K - 10K users? 211. Looking to Scale Your Sales? Seven Bullets to Dodge 212. Sed - An Introduction and Tutorial by Bruce Barnett 213. Y combinator in Scheme (jao.io) 214. Write You a Haskell -  Building a modern functional compiler (stephendiehl.com) 215. Building a modern functional compiler from first principles. 216. The Science and Art of Practicing 217. Top Down Operator PrecedenceDouglas Crockford 218. Make Your Own Programming Language (mattias-.github.io) 219. DIY: Make Your Own Programming Language 220. The Genius and Faith of Faraday and Maxwell (thenewatlantis.com) 221. http://www.thenewatlantis.com/publications/the-genius-and-faith-of-faraday-and-maxwell
222. The two cultures of mathematics and biology 223. Golang is Trash 224. A Gentle Introduction to Data Compression (bertolami.com) 225. Fundamentals of Compression 226. Why did eukaryotes evolve only once? 227. Effectively Managing Memory at Gmail Scale (html5rocks.com) 228. Effectively Managing Memory at Gmail scale 229. How GPUs Work (virginia.edu) 230. theory nLabcategory theory 231. Introducing Names: practical namespaces for Emacs-Lisp 232. futurice/android-best-practices 233. Purpose Your Day: Most Important Task (MIT) 234. Who Can Name the Bigger Number? 235. Category Theory by Tom LaGatta 236. Continuous Deployment: Implementation 237. Large Scale Deep Learning - Jeff Dean [pdf] (googleusercontent.com) 238. Postgres full-text search is good enough (lostpropertyhq.com) 239. Postgres full-text search is Good Enough! 240. Docker at Lyst (lyst.com) 241. Reimplementing "git clone" in Haskell from the bottom up 242. How to Get a Quant Job in Finance (financejobs.co) 243. Ask HN: How or where to begin learning mathematics from first principles? 244. Flakes Framework 245. Worked example: Designing for correctness 246. Bayesian vs. frequentist: squabbling among the ignorant (madhadron.com 247. Learn You an Agda 248. The Philosophy of Computer Science (2013) (stanford.edu) 249. The Philosophy of Computer Science 250. The Saddest Thing I Know about the Integers (scientificamerican.com) 251. The integers are a unique factorization domain, so we can't tune pianos. 252. Build Your Own Lisp 253. Functional Programming Patterns (slideshare.net) 254. EEVblog 255. Image Processing with Comonads 256. COS 326Functional Programming 257. The Future of Asynchronous IO in Python (medium.com) 258. Git: To squash or not to squash? 259. Here are some of the sensors that we used in our prototypes. 260. Visualizing distributions of data 261. The Y Combinator (Slight Return) 262. Why the Cross Product Is What It Is 263. Introduction to Dependent Types: Haskell on Steroids 264. OCaml Briefly (mads379.github.io) 265. Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science 266. How Does a Debugger Work? 267. Natural Language Processing for the Working Programmer 268. CS 3110 Fall 2013 :: Data Structures and Functional Programming 269. CIS 194 270. Raptor is a new Ruby web server that's up to 4x faster than Unicorn 271. The Founder's Guide to Selling Your Company (justinkan.com) 272. The Founder's Guide To Selling Your Company 273. Sometimes, it's just time to go home (benmilne.com) 274. Your ultimate guide to Minimum Viable Product ( great examples) 275. The Quality, Popularity, and Negativity of 5.6 Million Hacker News Comments 276. The Traveling Salesman with Simulated Annealing, R, and Shiny 277. How to Build Stable, Accessible Data Infrastructure at a Startup 278. Building C Projects 279. 7 Principles of Rich Web Applications 280. Geiser is a collection of Emacs major and minor modes that conspire with one or more Scheme interpreters 281. Hacker's guide to Neural Networks 282. Neural Networks and Deep Learning is a free online book. 283. How L1 and L2 CPU caches work, and why they're an essential part of modern chips 284. CHICKEN internals: the garbage collector 285. Cheney on the M.T.A. 286. Calculus with pics and gifs (0a.io) 287. 0a explains: Calculus (with pics and gifs) 288. the magic constant 0x5f3759df 289. Define CTO (gregbrockman.com) 290. https://blog.gregbrockman.com/figuring-out-the-cto-role-at-stripe
291. AT&T Archives: Similarities of Wave Behavior 292. Using Clojure At MixRadio 293. complete coverage of Tetris 294. mini-tutorial that explains Earley parsing 295. Computer Science from the Bottom Up 296. 1984 v. Brave New World (lettersofnote.com) 297. 1984 v. Brave New World 298. How Facebook Makes Mobile Work 299. metal shaving, drilling, chipbreaking 300. Bokeh is a Python interactive visualization library 301. Blaze provides a familiar interface to various computational resources. 302. Seaborn is a Python visualization library based on matplotlib. 303. tech industry, Andreessen 304. Data Visualization with JavaScript 305. Simple CPU (simplecpu.com) 306. SimpleCPU.com 307. A Quick and Practical Reference for tcpdump 308. Why threads can't fork 309. Building Web Apps with Go (gitbooks.io) 310. Building Web Apps with Go 311. Arrow's Theorem (stanford.edu) 312. In Search of Time's Origin 313. The Undocumented Guide to Using SSL on Google App Engine 314. Choosing a Web Framework: Django, Flask, or Pyramid (airpair.com) 315. Seven deadly sins of talking about "types" 316. Procedural colors for video games 317. History of Apache Storm and lessons learned 318. Tim Parks is Associate Professor of Literature and Translation at 319. The Books We Talk About (and Those We Don't) 320. Naive Bayes and Text Classification I 321. http://beautifulchemistry.net/
322. Purely Functional 3D in Typed Racket 323. Purely Functional 3D in Typed Racket 324. Infrastructure automation by example (practicingruby.com) 325. How does SQLite work? Part 1: pages! 326. Finally, a SCSS Live Editor. 327. The Surprising Path to a Faster NYTimes.com 328. How to test Async Ocaml code 329. Bad Notes on Venture Capital 330. Clojure web security is worse than you think (hackworth.be) 331. Vectorization in Julia 332. Haskell Dice of Doom - Part 1 333. Install hakaru by running 334. Organizing Functional Code for Parallel Execution 335. CONS is your friend 336. Dimensions -  Measure everything you see in the browser (felixniklas.com) 337. A POSIX Queue Implementation 338. The Y Combinator (no, not that one) 339. How Apple Pay works and why it matters for developers 340. Parsing: a timeline 341. JSON Web Token: The Useful Little Standard You Haven't Heard About 342. Basic Concepts Of Electricity 343. But Gauss thought about this differently. 344. Draft chapters of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial (3rd Ed.) 345. BISAC Subject Headings List, Mathematics 346. Medium's CSS is actually pretty fucking good. 347. Magento Dev Best Practices 348. The Future Programming Manifesto (alarmingdevelopment.org) 349. UX Lessons from Weebly 350. Using Emacs for Haskell development (github.com) 351. Why Racket? Why Lisp? 352. Let's Take a Trip Inside a Power Strip! 353. The Zen of Gradient Descent 354. Finally, a simple static desktop web server. 355. Iterables and Iterators 356. Getting it Done with Haskell 357. Stop Building Products Nobody Wants - How to Validate Your Business Idea (hatchery.io) 358. How To Validate Your Business Idea By Testing A Hypothesis! 359. Applicative Functors (pbrisbin.com) 360. Open Source Email Templates 361. Ephemeral port range 362. CloudFlare Now Supports WebSockets (cloudflare.com) 363. Aspects of Plant Intelligence 364. Markov ChainsA visual explanation by Victor Powell 365. 26 of our most popular photography cheat sheets 366. Using SSL Certificates with HAProxy 367. An Interactive Introductionto Graphics Programming 368. How recursion got into programming: a comedy of errors 369. Bootstrap Themes and Templates 370. StackOverflow Update: 560M Pageviews A Month, 25 Servers, And It's All About Performance 371. Introduction to A* (redblobgames.com) 372. Introduction to A* 373. Extensible effects in Haskell 374. Extensible Effects: an alternative to Monad Transformers 375. A Gentle Introduction to Monad Transformers 376. Anatomy of a system call, part 1 377. Show HN: Shoelace.io - Visual Bootstrap Grid Builder and Teacher Beta (shoelace.io) 378. The Subtle Magic Behind Why the Bootstrap 3 Grid Works 379. A ToC of the 20 part linker essay 380. The Polite Javascript Color Library 381. Predicting the World Cup with the Google Cloud Platform 382. Mutable Algorithms in Immutable Languages, Part 1 383. Quoc Le's Lectures on Deep Learning 384. You might not need a WebSocket 385. A PROPER SERVER NAMING SCHEME 386. HE NATURE OF CODE 387. How to maintain a successful open source project 388. Accounting for Computer Scientists 389. Haskell Data Analysis CookbookBuy it! 390. Mathematics is like the One Ring in the Lord of the Rings 391. Cracking the Brain's Codes 392. gevent For the Working Python Developer 393. Virtual Panel on Reactive Programming 394. SOA Series Part 2: SOA Sample Apps and Their Development and Deployment Flow 395. The Exit Curve: Exitround's Report On Tech M 396. 5 Common Server Setups For Your Web App (digitalocean.com) 397. 5 Common Server Setups For Your Web Application 398. LiquidHaskell 399. Shell Style Guide 400. Web API performance: profiling Django REST framework 401. a List of Undergraduate and Basic Graduate Textbooks and Lecture Notes - the blog 402. Chicago undergraduate mathematics bibliography 403. Basics of Machine Learning 404. MAP: Every Country's Highest-Valued Export 405. Pathfinding Demystified 406. A/B Testing in MailChimp: 7 Years of Successful Experiments 407. A Modern Perspective on Calculus-Based Introductory Physics 408. Functional programming in Clojure 409. Dangerous Knowledge 410. Why Python is Slow: Looking Under the Hood 411. Hybrid sweet spot: Native navigation, web content 412. Bootstrap 3 Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know 413. Bootstrap 3 Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know 414. Emacs: Python Debugging, Send Code to an Arbitrary Buffer 415. How to Sell Online: The Single Best Pieces of Advice From 41 Successful Ecommerce Entrepreneurs 416. Introduction to Markov Processes 417. An interactive explanation of quadtrees 418. 2048 in Idris 419. Better Bash Scripting in 15 Minutes 420. CSS to have learned not to make these common mistakes anymore 421. Learn CSS Layout 422. An interactive tour of F 423. Build Your Own Lisp 424. So Good They Can't Ignore You - by Cal NewportISBN: 1455509124 425. Making Sites Fly with Varnish 426. Markov Networks, Monoids, and Futurama 427. http://www.mehryar.com/bookmarks/bookmarks.html
428. scout_realtime 429. 12 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time — The Only Post You'll Ever Need 430. Problem: Threads Are Bad 431. Smart Guy Productivity Pitfalls (bookofhook.blogspot.de) 432. Smart Guy Productivity Pitfalls 433. IP, TCP, and HTTP 434. how Go programs keep time with the help of the Linux kernel. 435. Visualizing Bayes' theorem 436. MAKING REMOTE WORK WORK 437. Composing contracts: an adventure in financial engineering, 438. Probabilistic Programmingand Bayesian Methods for Hackers 439. Common pitfalls in Python 440. A tcpdump Tutorial and Primer 441. A tcpdump Tutorial and Primer 442. Git tips from the trenchesFacebook 443. Rendering PCM with simulated phosphor persistence 444. sudo bang bang 445. The Magic of Strace 446. How to properly use Creative Commons images on your projects (gozesty.com) 447. How to find great Images for your Websites and Projects for free 448. How to safely invoke Webhooks 449. Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces (wisc.edu) 450. Why Are There So Many Pythons? 451. Vincent makes it easy to build Vega with Python. 452. Implementing a JIT Compiled Language with Haskell and LLVM 453. The Seven Deadly Sins of Startup Storytelling 454.   Why Why Functional Programming Matters Matters 455. What are the "real numbers," really? 456. Devtools Console, from Novice to Ninja 457. The Algebra of Data, and the Calculus of Mutation 458. Entrepreneurship is not ideation 459. The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume II 460. QCon San Francisco 2013 461. Neural Networks and Deep Learning 462. A Programmer's Guide to Data Mining 463. Why Use Make 464. A First Course in Linear Algebra 465. Profiling Python Like a Boss 466. You Could Have Invented Monads! (And Maybe You Already Have.) 467. Visualizing Garbage Collection in Ruby and Python 468. Richard Feynman on the Double Slit Paradox: Particle or Wave? 469. Non-Creepy Networking: Party Etiquette (jessicahische.is) 470. Namecoin, A Replacement For SSL 471. katsenblog 472. Designing With Class: Sinatra PostgreSQL Heroku 473. Don't build the best REST API, build the best HTTP API 474. Entrepreneurship Gives Life Meaning 475. .00006% Chance of Building a Billion Dollar Company 476. RESTful services with jQuery, PHP and the Slim Framework 477. Machine Learning 478. Introduction to Machine Learning 479. How to Make An Inexpensive Light Tent - DIY 480. Politics and the English LanguageGeorge Orwell, 1946 481. http://compilers.iecc.com/crenshaw/ 482. How to Build a Subscription Service on Rails: A Noob's Guide 483. Fast Rails Tests 484. Why You Don't Get Mock Objects 485. AngularJS Learning Resources 486. A Better Way to Learn AngularJS 487. Clojure from the ground up: welcome 488. An ML Blitz Course 489. An Introduction to libuv 490. BrandColors 491. Learn Haskell Fast and Hard 492. Earthquakes recorded for the last week 493. Physics: What We Do and Don't Know 494. Lessons Learned Going from Zero to $30k/Month in a Year (groovehq.com) 495. To an alarming degree, science is not self-correcting (economist.com) 496. toc.pdf 497. Index of /~vazirani/algorithms 498. HTTPS Performance Tuning 499. What Kind of Food is Your Brain Eating? 500. Why Are Hundreds of Harvard Students Studying Ancient Chinese Philosophy? (theatlantic.com) 501. Friday Q 502. Warp is a high-performance HTTP server library written in Haskell 503. Misconceptions about evolution 504. Reviews Written by Peter Haggstrom 505. Do-It-Yourself MFE 506. Experiences With OCaml Objects 507. git concepts simplified 508. gevent For the Working Python Developer 509. Spaced repetition for study and learning (gwern.net) 510. SPACED REPETITION 511. HaskellDB: A long tutorial 512. Example on using HaskellDB 513. A modest STL tutorial 514. / tutorials on C 515. The Architecture of Open Source Applications 516. Ask HN: What are the obstacles to learning on your own? 517. Ask HN: What literature do you read? 518. Why Is Zambia So Poor? (psmag.com) 519. Why Is Zambia So Poor? 520. A Course in Machine Learning (ciml.info) 521. A Course in Machine Learning 522. How To Deconstruct Almost Anything (1993) (fudco.com) 523. Click here, save a life, for real 524. Linux Performance Measurements using vmstat (thomas-krenn.com) 525. multivariable calculus 526. single variable calculus book 527. How A Car Engine Works 528. THE NATURE OF CODE 529. The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection 530. Reddit: Lessons Learned From Mistakes Made Scaling To 1 Billion Pageviews A Month 531. ColourLovers API! 532. Survive The Deep End! 533. Practical PHP Programming 534. PHP Essentials 535. Learn C The Hard Way 536. The C Book Table of Contents 537. Beej's Guide to C Programming 538. Beej's Guide to Network ProgrammingUsing Internet Sockets 539. Type Theory and Functional Programming 540. The TCP/IP Guide 541. DECISION-THEORETIC PLANNING 542. Introduction to Functional Programming (1996/7) 543. An Introduction to the Theory of Computation 544. Foundations of Computer Science 545. Domain Driven Design Quickly 546. The Scientist and Engineer's Guide toDigital Signal Processing 547. Clever Algorithms 548. ON THE CLEVERNESS OF COMPILERS 549. Operating System Development Series 550. Re-open *scratch* buffer in Emacs? 551. Coroutines in one page of C 552. git ready 553. Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements (507movements.com) 554. Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements 555. CSS3 Live Design Tool for Mac OSX 556. Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment Paperback 557. Big Ideas: Demystifying Hadoop 558. Callbacks as our Generation's Goto Statement (tirania.org) 559. 57 startup lessons 560. What does mercury being liquid at room temperature have to do with Einstein's theory of relativity? 561. Startup lessons (defmacro.org) 562. 40 Days Without Booze (jdmoyer.com) 563. Tessel is an Internet-connected microcontroller for software developers. 564. Public speaking for introverts (danshipper.com) 565. Blog List&utm_campaign=718f71be14-Newsletter_nice_design_17_8_11_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c18fe7384e-718f71be14-40620601 Public speaking for introverts 566. Do things, write about it (mdswanson.com) 567. Agda by Example: λ-calculus 568. PEP 450: Adding A Statistics Module To The Standard Library (python.org) 569. Adding A Statistics Module To The Standard Library 570. How Much Do Average Apps Make On Each Platform? (forbes.com) 571. How Much Do Average Apps Make? 572. showterm 573. The Importance of Realism in Startups 574. Rails 4 startup template (github.com) 575. Rails Startup template 576. What makes Lua tick? (lua-users.org) 577. Subject: Re: What makes Lua tick? 578. How and why writing crypto is hard (2012) (acooke.org) 579. Why and How Writing Crypto is Hard 580. CSS Absolute Centering (codepen.io) 581. http://codepen.io/shshaw/full/gEiDt
582. Math Advances Raise the Prospect of an Internet Security Crisis 583. Why You Don't A/B Test... And How You Can Start This August 584. basic category theory 585. Raspberry Pi Hardware - Computerphile 586. Stat2.2x: Introduction to Statistics: Probability 587. Physics 253: Quantum Field TheoryLectures by Sidney R. Coleman 588. DNS: The Good Parts 589. Reading the Ruby Source to Understand Rails Idiosyncrasies 590. The Real Value of Stock Options 591. Reimplementing "git clone" in Haskell from the bottom up 592. How to build (and how not to build) a secure "remember me" feature 593. Adioso 594. Getting Physical With Memory 595. 13 Critically Important Lessons from Over 50 Growth Hackers 596. What if I lost my laptop? (itlater.com) 597. What Happens to Donated Cars? (priceonomics.com) 598. What Happens to Donated Cars? 599. On Go (dehora.net) 600. Three mistakes I see web designers make over and over again 601. How to work remotely as a software developer (markcampbell.me) 602. MongoDB Indexing, Part 2 603. Designing blogs for readers (mattgemmell.com) 604. Designing blogs for readers 605. Lessons Learned: A Year with a Large AngularJS Project 606. Starters Guide to iOS Design 607. Functional Thinking 608. Jump Start Sinatra 609. Learning iOS Programming, 3rd Edition 610. Appcelerator Titanium: Up and Running 611. ZeroMQMessaging for Many Applications 612. Programming the Mobile Web, 2nd Edition 613. Networking For Dummies, 10th Edition 614. Search Engine Optimization, 3rd Edition 615. AngularJS 616. PHP Web ServicesAPIs for the Modern Web 617. Virtualization For Dummies 618. Arduino WorkshopA Hands-On Introduction with 65 Projects 619. Make: Analog Synthesizers 620. Jump Start Responsive Web Design 621. Understanding ComputationFrom Simple Machines to Impossible Programs 622. 60 High Quality Free Web Templates And Layouts 623. Statistical Formulas For Programmers 624. http://www.openintro.org/stat/down/OpenIntroStatSecond.pdf
625. A Concise Course in Statistical Inference 626. Handbook of Biological Statistics 627. EC2Instances.info Easy Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison 628. Choosing the Right EC2 Instance Type for Your Application 629. Revenue vs. Value 630. We script VirtualBox via Vagrant. 631. https://hackpad.com/Peter-Corbetts-Management-Hacks-3KJiKExlH74
632. The N=1 guide to grad school (and hopefully, knowledge work) 633. Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine 634. Multi-Tenant Data Architecture 635. HTTP/2.0WTF? 636. 2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance Suspension Walkaround 637. nybooks (The New York Review of Books)/ 638. Wall Street Is Gobbling Up Two-Thirds of Your 401(k) (wallstreetonparade.com) 639. Reasoning About the Heap in Rust 640. Optimize your Website and Attract New Visitors 641. Want to ace your YCombinator interview? 642. Speed up your sites with PageSpeed for Nginx 643. USABILITY CHECKLIST 644. A Primer on IPv4, IPv6 and Transition (potaroo.net) 645. A Primer on IPv4, IPv6 and Transition 646.       view issue You're Doing It Wrong 647. Secure Your REST API... The Right Way 648. Essentials of Garbage Collection 649. Your First iOS App - 100% Programmatically (austinlouden.com) 650. Your First iOS App: 100% Programmatically 651. Show HN: I'm building an open-source, high-frequency trading system (scarcecapital.com) 652. MRI's Method Caches (jamesgolick.com) 653. MRI's Method Caches 654. Scaling Pinterest - From 0 to 10s of Billions of Page Views a Month in Two Years (highscalability.com) 655. -webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg) 656. A Practical Intro to Data Science (zipfianacademy.com) 657. Quit Your Job Now, Before It's Too Late (georgesaines.com) 658. Show HN: Student wanted better way to discover clothes online (windowshopper.me 659. Hoodie: very fast web app development (hood.ie) 660. Hoodie is an architecture for frontend-only web apps. 661. The Quickest Wins in SEO 662. Running a software team at Google (matt-welsh.blogspot.com) 663. An HTTP reverse proxy for realtime (fanout.io) 664. An HTTP reverse proxy for realtime 665. Lenas Reversing for Newbies 666. What To Ask Candidates In Job Interviews (Without Being Insulting And Wasting Your Time) 667. Ask HN: What's the best technical talk you've heard? 668. Tesla's Model S Lease and Financing Program Expensive, Misleading 669. Security Engineering — The Book 670. The Jellyfish Entrepreneur (priceonomics.com) 671. The Jellyfish Entrepreneur 672. Check your router for open ports (checkmyrouter.org) 673. Check your Router today for common bugs 674. O'Reilly on Morozov (io9.com) 675. Curated video-lists worth geeking out about. 676. How to build a Smart Lightbulb in a Weekend 677. A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning. 678. Beta List 679. http://www.strikingly.com/s/users/sign_in?ref=access
680. Things about being a founder I wish I knew years ago (speakerdeck.com) 681. Ten things about being a founder I wish I knew two years ago. 682. OneTab icon 683. Monads, part one 684. Finish the Job (birchtree.me) 685. Our original mobile experience on 42Floors.com was just horrendous. 686. Regina Dugan: From mach-20 glider to humming bird drone 687. Short algorithm, long-range consequences 688. Why Use Make 689. The Racket Way 690. Tips for work-life balance 691. I am in my late 20s, and feel I have wasted a lot of time. Is it too late? 692. Security Engineering — The Book 693. iOS Development Tips I Would Want If I Was Starting Out Today 694. The Beginner's Guide to Android 695. Distributed routing with Hipache 696. Alan Kay's Reading List 697. The 6502 CPU's overflow flag explained at the silicon level 698. Nginx Load Balancing Basics 699. COMP30020 Declarative Programming 700. Here's what I learned hanging out with Jason Fried 701. Web Developer Checklist 702. How to pick a factory: building and maintaining partnerships 703. The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Arduino 704. A new interactive guitar lesson, emailed to you each week! 705. The lessons I learned as CEO of ZippyKid in 2012 706. How I run my own DNS servers 707. Bingo Card Creator (and other stuff) Year in Review 2012 708. Tenth Grade Tech Trends 709. One Year After Quitting My Job 710. book about conversion optimization, SEO 711. What one book could give me a new, useful superpower? (metafilter.com) 712. Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie 713. The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives 714. How To Convert a SIM to a MicroSIM 715. First, do no harm 716. LOCATING INTERESTING PARTS OF AN IMAGE 717. A Yesod tutorial 718. Why Not Events 719. Framer is a modern prototyping tool. 720. My Sales 721. Ask 10 founders about company culture 722. The Discrete Fourier Transform 723. Topological Spaces — A Primer 724. Announcing Requests v1.0.0! 725. http://scratchpad.io/uOcz29IEu4
726. Think you've mastered the art of server performance? Think again. 727. How to Make Your Site Look Half-Decent in Half an Hour 728. Switch Your Databases To Flash Storage. Now. Or You're Doing It Wrong. 729. What are some hacks and tips for exercise, fitness and working out?Edit 730. Testing WebSockets from console 731. Grid Layouts in Modern Web Design 732. HTML5 Security Cheatsheet 733. 100,000 Stars 734. How to generate more revenue from your web application today 735. What should everyone know about economics? 736. How to land a big fish 737. so I started troubleshooting DNS 738. Password Security The Right Way 739. Strange Loop 2012 Video 740. A Tour of Go 741. Sustainable Energy without the hot air 742. PageKite makes local websites or SSH servers publicly accessible in mere seconds 743. How to easily beat comment spam 744. Go by Example 745. AWS Cost Cheat Sheet 746. 90 THINGS I'VE LEARNED FROM FOUNDING 4 TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES 747. How the PS3 hypervisor was hacked 748. Keeping the customer's data safe and secure requires a large set of precautions. 749. How does SSL work? 750. two-factor authentication 751. App Engine Search API to let users sift through their data 752. Fog Creek Compensation 753. reducing the Retina image 754. Organism without a brain creates external memories for navigation 755. Thoughts on Paul Graham's "Growth" 756. The Preposition 757. Drupal's Golden Handcuffs 758. What you should know BEFORE you start grad school in English Literature: The economic, financial, and opportunity costs 759. armstrong on software 760. How Nathan Barry and I Sold $39k Worth of eBooks 761. Five Myths about Hash Tables 762. Why Angel Investors Don't Make Money 763. secure.travis-ci.org 764. A hungry alligator is a lambda abstraction 765. Why is 'Mahabharata' considered sacred 766. What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about Africa? 767. Who is the most persistent person who has ever lived? 768. What is Bill Clinton like in person? 769. What does it feel like to be intelligent but take menial, blue-collar jobs? 770. How RESTful is Your API? 771. Mimi Silbert: the greatest hacker in the world 772. Space Shuttle Endeavour Flyover 773. You're Not Listening 774. How to Launch a 65Gbps DDoS, and How to Stop One 775. The Big Switch: How We Rebuilt Wanelo from Scratch and Lived to Tell About It 776. Using Kanban to Turn Around Distressed Projects 777. How do you fire an employee that just isn't good enough? 778. This question is about tech companies in Silicon Valley 779. 12 Must Watch TED Talks for Entrepreneurs 780. Mail in 2012 from an admin's perspective 781. tunes.io 782. Why You Should Start Using a VPN (and How to Choose the Best One for Your Needs) 783. The Harvard chemist talks about the problem of solving problems. 784. How Tesla plans to short circuit new-car dealers 785. Your Goals Are Holding You Back 786. Ethiopian Multiplication 787. a programmer's guide to healing RSI 788. How Google Builds Its Maps 789. Good riddance, PayPal (elliotjaystocks.com) 790. LibraryThing 791. Baking Pi - Operating Systems Development 792. Site Templates 793. Heroku Isn't for Idiots 794. Lessons Learned: The First Hire 795. Poor in India Starve as Politicians Steal $14.5 Billion of Food (bloomberg.com) 796. Tabasco Sort: A Super-optimal Merge Sort 797. Why Ratings Systems Don't Work 798. How We Nearly Lost Discovery 799. What "Worse is Better vs The Right Thing" is really about 800. The Most Important Writing Lesson I Ever Learned 801. Why Explore Space? A 1970 Letter to a Nun in Africa 802. 50 best children's apps for smartphones and tablets 803. Let's say I make $60k/year. 804. Stripe And A/B Testing Made Me A Small Fortune 805. Stripe And A/B Testing Made Me A Small Fortune (kalzumeus.com) 806. What's the use of stories that aren't even true? 807. How Big is the Entire Universe? 808. Starting a Django Project the Right Way 809. How to build a mobile app for Force.com using jQuery Mobile and push notifications 810. RIP Stephen Covey, "7 Habits" author, dies at 79 (yahoo.com) 811. No, that's not why OO sucks (librador.com) 812. No, that's not why OO sucks 813. The Pain of HTML5 (caplin.com) 814. The Pain of HTML5 815. elasticsearch 816. The Secure Programmer's Pledge 817. The Challenge of Making Friends as an Adult (nytimes.com) 818. Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30? 819. The Retina War is upon us. (wells.ee) 820. The Retina War is upon us. 821. The Opposite of a Bloom Filter 822. looking with cassandra into the future of atlas 823. The 5 Hardest Parts of Programming 824. Why OO Sucks by Joe Armstrong 825. Traction mistakes 826. Read the masters 827. cURL Requests with PHPToday by Michael 828. What are the most intellectually stimulating websites you know of? 829. Coming Home to Vim 830. From $1.5B to half a trillion dollars: PayPal celebrates a 10th anniversary 831. If You Don't Prioritize Your Life, Someone Else Will 832. Salted Password Hashing - Doing it Right 833. This book was developed for the Certificate of Data Science program at Syracuse University 834. Claude E. Shannon with a young Yaser Abu-Mostafa 835. The ‘Busy' Trap 836. A bold ad campaign aims to destigmatize lung cancer 837. Welcome to Android 4.1, Jelly Bean! 838. Why should I use TinyPNG? 839. Little North Korean girl playing guitar. 840. 'A Perfect and Beautiful Machine': What Darwin's Theory of Evolution Reveals About Artificial Intelligence 841. In pursuit of self-actualization 842. Epilogue: HTML5 Explained 843. Why do you think people are poor? (harpers.org) 844. As a weapon in the hands of the restless poor 845. A Tour of Go 846. How to Love Your Customers 847. Because Everyone (Still) Needs a Router 848. Books I've finished recentlyTiny summary but detailed notes for each 849. MASTER CLASS: HOW TO CREATE AN UNFORGETTABLE PORTRAIT 850. The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar 851. Creating Fast Buttons for Mobile Web Applications 852. Hacking: Always Design the UX First 853. Why Multi-armed Bandit algorithms are superior to A/B testing 854. Michael Lewis: Don't Eat Fortune's Cookie 855. Well-Kept Gardens Die By Pacifism 856. A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy 857. Growth Hack 858. Eulerian Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Changes in the World 859. Lectures String Theory 860. http://www.staff.science.uu.nl/~hooft101/lectures/specialfct.pdf
861. Why multi-armed bandit algorithm is not "better" than A/B testing 862. http://walet.phy.umist.ac.uk/QM/LectureNotes/
863. Classical Electrodynamics 864. Classical Electromagnetism: A Graduate Course 865. Thermodynamics 866. http://www.spms.ntu.edu.sg/PAP/courseware/statmech.pdf
867. Mechanics and Special Relativity 868. Newtonian Dynamics Richard Fitzpatrick 869. Why I'm Walking Away From CouchDB 870. The Mechanics and Meaning of That Ol' Dial-Up Modem Sound 871. Filter and browse Netflix 872. An interesting challenge in cartography 873. I'm documenting our journey to the unlikeliest of diagnoses 874. Craig Venter's Bugs Might Save the World 875. Introducing CityHash 876. Which hashing algorithm is best for uniqueness and speed? 877. The SLR Camera Simulator 878. Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm 879. How we made Portent.com really freaking fast 880. Get Even More from Email with our New API Features 881. How I Went From 0 to $50k on the App Store(s) 882. Multiple Django and Flask Sites with Nginx and uWSGI Emperor 883. How to build a location-based hybrid mobile app with reverse geocoding 884. Flotr2 885. WHY COURSE HERO 886. Turn stuff you don't use into stuff you really want! 887. The Man Who Took on Amazon and Saved a Bookstore 888. 30 minutes a day 889. WOLFRAM'S LIBRARY 890. Looking to the Future of A New Kind of ScienceMay 14, 2012 891. Plagiarism 892. My history with Forth 893. How we serve 150 free lunches for less than 20 cents each using homebrew equipment 894. Using a Kalman Filter to Predict Ticket Prices 895. Make your iOS apps work in the browser. 896. Application Cache is a Douchebag 897. I reached out to great engineers to hear their experience with shell apps 898. 5 Things You Should Know Before Working at a Start-Up 899. A Conversation with Alan Kay 900. I AM A STATISTICIAN AND I BUY LOTTERY TICKETS 901. The venture capital model is broken, and this damning report explains why 902. 20 places every California kid should see 903. Buying Happiness 904. Analyst, measure thyself 905. Why did I write my own VM and not use someone else's? 906. carbonio and bluenet: next level network technology 907. understoodit 908. What every programmer should know about memory, Part 1 909. freelancing 910. Data and visualization blogs worth following 911. Riak Adoption - We Have Some Work To Do 912. Andreessen Horowitz to give half their earnings to charity (cnn.com) 913. For a pair of films, do you agree on their Vector Victor? 914. Elegant exact string match using BWT 915. Tutorial: Domain Name System for Beginners 916. The Truth About 2K, 4K and The Future of Pixels 917. 100x better approach to software? 918. Modern Web Development 919. http://bhorowitz.com/2012/01/31/why-has-andreessen-horowitz-raised-2-7b-in-3-years/
920. How to Be a Horrible Boss 921. Enter Chad Mureta 922. Kolmogorov Complexity - A Primer 923. The principles of Light Table are what matter 924. Feynman: I am burned out and I'll never accomplish anything 925. A professionally designed landing page can improve your conversion rates. 926. Software Engineers Will Work One Day for English Majors 927. The PHD Movie 928. fastcompany%2Fheadlines %28Fast Company Headlines%29&utm_content=Google Feedfetcher The 5 Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Work Relationships 929. How science failed during the Gulf oil disaster 930. Filepicker.io is the next generation file chooser 931. royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors 932. About Coursera 933. Avi Bryant 934. Don't Build APIs 935. Time to Get Past Facebook and Invent a New Future 936. SpaceX 937. Stripe 938. Fake S3 - Save time, money, and develop-offline 939. Ask HN: How do you promote your web apps? 940. Waldorf Third Grade Student Reading-List 941. Opening a Delaware Corporation: an Incorporation Guide for Foreigners 942. Three Market-Based Solutions To Pull People Out Of Poverty 943. Critical Thinking [Paperback]Brooke Noel Moore 944. 1K House Project 945. Meet Samurai: The Most Powerful Way to Accept Payments Online 946. Samurai: New Payment Gateway from FeeFighters (feefighters.com)179 points by sjs382 209 days ago | comments 947. I, Cringely 948. Ask HN: Small product, single founder success stories? 949. A Couple's Journey Aroun 950. How Exercise Can Strengthen the Brain 951. Getting valid countries 952. Klout API Documentation 953. The True Cost of Commuting 954. Kurzweil Responds: Don't Underestimate the Singularity 955. Questions I ask when reviewing a design 956. daughter) will learn how to program 957. Ivo.A teletype no more 958. VP trees: A data structure for finding stuff fast 959. the oauth chronicles: i am not stupid 960. Credit Sesame Brings Your Credit Score To The iPhone. For-Free 961. Testing PayFlow Gateway with Active Merchant 962. Getting Started is the Hardest Part 963. A Visual, Intuitive Guide to Imaginary Numbers 964. BEHIND THE SCENES: HOW FAB RAISED $40 MILLION WITH A LOT OF DATA AND NOT MUCH PAIN 965. Close Family Ties Keep Cheaters in Check: Why Almost All Multicellular Organisms Begin Life as a Single Cell 966. How to Survive Your First Year As An-Entrepreneur 967. Coding Guidelines: Finding the Art in the Science 968. Kiip recently completed a migration from EC2 to VPC 969. SEO Tricks from Patio11, aka Patrick McKenzie 970. An Introduction to Stock 971. What's In A GIF - Bit by Byte 972. Libraries: Where It All Went Wrong 973. Designing with White Space: Why 1 1=3 974. 9 million hits/day with 120 megs-RAM 975. AMT and Long-Term Capital Gain 976. I'm not as smart as I thought I was. (self.confession) 977. A Sustainable Flying Sphinx? 978. Prayer Times Calculation 979. Term Sheet Negotiation Tells 980. How to Rock a Systems Design Interview 981. How to Rock an Algorithms Interview 982. "How to Rock an Algorithms Interview". 983. Survival Guide:IRC 984. How I Converted My Subscription Site from Paypal to Stripe in 2 Days 985. Writing Papers (for CS) 986. The iOS Beginner blog series 987. Making Love To WebKit 988. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1WajtF/www.pxleyes.com/blog/2011/12/these-50-photos-will-blow-you-away/
989. The Same Fringe Problem 990. Akka - Scala Summit OSCON 2010 991. M. Tim Jones, product architect and engineering author 992. Negotiating a Job Offer with a Company 993. http://themesquirrel.com/
994. Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued 995. http://www.kemvi.com/
996. SSH: More than secure shell 997. An Overview of Hadoop 998. DealingwithJVMlimitationsinApacheCassandra 999. From Sand to Silicon - the Making of a ChipVERSION 24 1000. procedurally generated 3d rose 1001. According to Paul Graham, Loopt's Sam Altman is one of the five most interesting founders 1002. Pears is handcrafted in Salem, Massachusetts by SimpleBits 1003. Vim anti-patterns 1004. Trigonometry | Misc 1005. How the Boehm Garbage Collector Works 1006. http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/2012/02/11/the-end-of-the-mexican-road/?awesm=bothsid.es_Hns&utm_campaign=&utm_medium=bothsid.es-twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_content=awesm-publisher
1007. 6.002x (Circuits and Electronics) is an experimental on-line adaptation of MIT's first undergraduate analog design course: 6.002 1008. The 15 minute E-Commerce Site 1009. Why we are much smarter than we think we are 1010. Ask HN: What are the good old ideas that still make money on the web? 1011. Where Tcl and Tk Went Wrong 1012. Don't Ask Customers What They'll Pay. Tell Them 1013. Scrubbing Calculator 1014. 24bit vs 16bit, the myth exploded! 1015. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/24Lnuf/www.mikroe.com/eng/chapters/view/74/pic-basic-book-chapter-1-world-of-microcontrollers/
1016. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2c3eic/extension.harvard.edu/open-learning-initiative/abstract-algebra/
1017. Avoiding Full GCs with MemStore-Local Allocation Buffers 1018. Server Side Upgrades (alexmaccaw.com) 1019. Step by Step UI Design 1020. Rapid Prototyping with jQuery Mobile 1021. The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics 1022. "Lighten up" (therealkatie.net) 1023. Books 1024. The Best Textbooks on Every Subject 1025. 'A Test You Need to Fail': A Teacher's Open Letter to Her 8th Grade Students 1026. What Every Start-up Should Know about PR 1027. Are you building a company, or your-credentials? 1028. A simple and free way to figure out where your users go and when they leave, all in real-time 1029. Welcome to Django 1.4 1030. Solr powers enterprise search on sites from Ebay to Zappos 1031. There are a lot-of non-relational database solutions out there 1032. 9 Things to Know About Influencing Purchasing Decisions 1033. Call to improve browser caching 1034. Depth First and Breadth First Search 1035. Poll: What are your prime hacking hours? 1036. Perpetual Ocean by NASA 1037. elasticsearch aims to solve all these problems and more 1038. responsive design enables Web page layouts to adapt to a variety of screen sizes 1039. Introducing Clutch: an easy to integrate library for native iOS applications designed to help you develop faster and deploy instantly. 1040. Building and implementing a Single Sign-On solution 1041. http://blog.stunf.com/building-a-scalable-real-time-search-architecture-with-sphinx/
1042. From Zero to Machine Learning in Less than Seven-Minutes 1043. http://www.readability.com/read?url=http://www.lahey.com/float.htm
1044. Why Is My Web Service API Crappy? 1045. Domain Driven Design Quickly 1046. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2pVYuV/:LQhIqNZw:6usjmaQS/www.cio.com/article/591977/52_Incredibly_Useful_Sites_the_Full_List?source=rss_news/
1047. Waking up early, 10 tips that work 1048. Demonstrating Responsive Design 1049. There and Back Again: A Journey Into and Out of Faith 1050. iOS Tutorial: Creating a chat room using Parse.com 1051. Mavericks Invent Future Internet Where Cisco Is Meaningless 1052. I HAVE 404,772 USERS. NOW WHAT? 1053. Socket.IO aims to make realtime apps possible in every browser and mobile device 1054. Hacking The Used Car Purchase 1055. Chapter 1: A brief introduction to the GNU Autotools 1056. Multiplication Is Easier When It's Complex 1057. Beyond Locks and Messages: The Future of Concurrent Programming 1058. Top 10 Thinking Traps Exposed — How to Foolproof Your Mind, Part I 1059. 100 free web elements sets 1060. The Top 15 Google Products for People Who Build Websites 1061. 30 Awesome Free and Open Source Audio Applications List 1062. 10 Golden Principles of Web Apps 1063. Much ado about NULL: An introduction to virtual memory 1064. Harvard Grad on Why MBAs Stumble Off the Blocks 1065. The Art of the Introduction: Top Ten Tips 1066. How To Make Your Web Service More Developer Friendly 1067. an interview with Robin Milner 1068. Gravity connects people with shared interests 1069. Wufoo is easy. 1070. 10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines 1071. EXCEL CELL REFERENCES 1072. UTF-8 was designed, in front of my eyes 1073. Case Study: RESTful Web Services at Orbitz 1074. 50 Things we know now that we didn't know this time last 1075. SQUASHED PHILOSOPHERS 1076. The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web 1077. Amazon.com, Best Buy take different approaches to optimize supply chains 1078. Weathering Storms for Retail Profits 1079. The Underground History of American Education 1080. MCSi case 1081. Recent Earthquake Activity 1082. Epicycles 1083. You Don't Know Jack About VoIP 1084. TCP/IP Papers 1085. Austin Chronicle Movie Reviews 1086. Berkeley Movies 1087. San Francisco Chronicle 1088. Free books on technology subjects 1089. IBList.com 1090. BooksAMillion 1091. Borders (Amazon) 1092. Codys 1093. Staceys 1094. Bookpool 1095. Barnes and Noble 1096. Amazon 1097. 2horses.gif 1098. Webmonkey 1099. The Atom Syndication Format 1100. new kata every week 1101. Web Services 1102. Orchard/C 1103. AxKit 1104. Some STL page 1105. Why we use Ant 1106. TimeLib 1107. Erik Meijer. Parsec: A Practical Parser Library 1108. SICP 1109. Parrot Development 1110. Randall's stuff 1111. TT TPC5 Tutorial 1112. Template Toolkit 1113. Mark Jason Dominus 1114. CPAN 1115. PROCMAIL QUICK START 1116. a simple wiki with web.py 1117. Software Foundations 1118. Maglevity 1119. Adding Custom Google Maps to Your Website 1120. 15 Free Online Tools for Web Designers on a Budget 1121. Particle Data Group. 1122. Parenting with Purpose 1123. http://www.igvita.com/2009/10/08/advanced-messaging-routing-with-amqp/
1124. How I Explained REST to My Wife 1125. screen with a shared session 1126. UI Fundamentals for Programmers 1127. Getting Real 1128. Database indexes 1129. Beginning AppleScript Studio 1130. JsChat is an open source chat system that uses a simple protocol based on JSON. 1131. Intentional Software is pioneering a radical new software approach 1132. Fast polling using C, memached, nginx and libevent 1133. Where are the REST frameworks? 1134. The Bob Newhart Show (1972-1978) 1135. Anatomy of a Program in Memory 1136. Replace Google Notebook 1137. 50 Beautiful Winter Wonderland Photos 1138. How to Fold a T Shirt in Two Seconds 1139. Bolivia 1140. http://www.slideshare.net/kamaelian/practical-concurrent-systems-made-simple-using-kamaelia-presentation
1141. Face(s) of the Earth III 1142. http://valdezlink.com/re/bearndog.htm
1143. http://www.demonbaby.com/pics/americanworld.gif
1144. http://www.rense.com/general72/size.htm
1145. http://www.80smusicvids.com/
1146. Stanford frees CS, robotics courses 1147. SCHOOL DETAILS - Cedar Grove Elementary 1148. Secrets of Consulting 1149. Wide Finder project 1150. Twitter and the Architectural Challenges of Life Streaming Applications 1151. Capistrano 1152. Linkers and Loaders 1153. The Definitive Guide to GCC, Second Edition 1154. You can learn all about Flex 1155. Compared to What?: An Introduction to the Anaylsis of Algorithms 1156. http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~hxt/cw04/barker.pdf
1157. Taming Lists 1158. Book Gold Mine 1159. Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts 1160. What is critical thinking? 1161. Software by RobThe Human Side of Software Development 1162. A to Z Home's CoolHomeschooling Web Site 1163. The pleasure of finding things out - RP Feynman 1164. DK4: Technology Cagematch Edition 1165. rough guide to pedagogical QFT literature 1166. techno weenie 1167. http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~mm/Dennett_review.pdf
1168. http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~mm/figments-of-reality-review.pdf
1169. http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~mm/new-kind-of-science-review.pdf
1170. http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~mm/conceptual-coordination-review.pdf
1171. http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~mm/life-and-evolution.pdf
1172. http://www.ams.org/notices/200302/fea-gray.pdf
1173. A Rare Blend of Monster Raving Egomania and Utter Batshit Insanity 1174. http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/hep-th/pdf/0408/0408048.pdf
1175. Online Tools 1176. Sessions N Such 1177. Learning from the Amazon technology platform 1178. http://ww.smashits.com/index.cfm?Page=Audio&SubPage=ShowTracks&AlbumID=5751
1179. Book Burro 1180. Tools For Thought by Howard Rheingold 1181. Examples of Fallacies 1182. How to Design Programs 1183. ozmm.dotorg 1184. Glenn Vanderburg: Blog 1185. Google Bookmarks Button 1186. for borrowing between friends 1187. Diggdot.us 1188. AJAX: Is your application secure enough? 1189. Kuro5hin 1190. Call number 1191. DefCon Coverage 1192. BayesInSpamAssassin 1193. Can You Make Yourself Smarter? 1194. How To Write Good 1195. 33 Lessons for Software Industry Novices 1196. Hire For The Ability To Get Shit Done 1197. SPDY: What I Like About You. 1198. Agile Scrum: Delivering Broken Software Since 1991 1199. LLVM 3.0 Release Notes 1200. 7 Things Highly Productive People Do 1201. Grit 1202. WebSockets is a stream, not a message based protocol 1203. Technical Details for Our IPv6 Deployment 1204. An Elementary Primer on Elementary Particles and their Interactions 1205. What I learned from raising venture capital 1206. Economics in One Lesson 1207. An Engineer's View of Venture Capitalists 1208. The Anonymous User Pattern 1209. The faster-than-fast Fourier transform 1210. Assessing a Company: Questions you need to ask in an Interview 1211. Server-Sent Events 1212. My twelve-factor app development environment (Unicorn and Pound) 1213. 8 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of January 2012 1214. Suffering-oriented-programming 1215. XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Cheat Sheet 1216. Go 1 Release Notes 1217. Guest Post From Joel Spolsky 1218. Comparing the Nissan Leaf to the BMW M3 1219. Machine Learning course, broadcast live from Caltech in April-May 2012TEXTBOOK 1220. Feed%3A blogspot%2FamDG %28Official Google Webmaster Central Blog%29 Upcoming changes in Google's HTTP Referrer 1221. Why Systems Programmers Still Use C, and What to Do About It 1222. My Webstock Talk: Lessons from a 40 year old 1223. agentzh's Nginx Tutorials (version 2012.04.18) 1224. Redis persistence demystified 1225. 7 Years Of YouTube Scalability Lessons In 30-Minutes 1226. Risks, Rewards, Stress: Early Employees 1227. Warning Signs in Experimental Design and Interpretation 1228. Big Data Counting: How To Count A Billion Distinct Objects Using Only 1.5KB Of-Memory 1229. How Not To Sort By Average Rating 1230. Maven by Example 1231. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2q0ZGd/www.pitt.edu/~jdnorton/teaching/HPS_0410/chapters/index.html/
1232. A High Frequency Trader's Apology, Pt 1 1233. we've seen mod_spdy reduce load times by more than 50% 1234. ``You and Your Research'' by Dr. Richard W. Hamming 1235. A Framework for Representing KnowledgeMarvin Minsky 1236. Free Courses: 250 Free Online Courses from Top Universities 1237. 35 Google open-source projects that you probably don't know 1238. Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada 1239. Mail Filtering with Procmail 1240. Social Bookmarking Tools 1241. Age of the Essay 1242. fontbrowser 1243. Dependency Injection 1244. Escape from CAPTCHA 1245. The Free CVS Book local 1246. CVS Branching Primer 1247. The Free CVS Book 1248. CVS setup 1249. J2EE: no longer required 1250. Paper on Template Toolkit 1251. RMagick User's Guide and Reference 1252. Programming in C 1253. Course Offerings 1254. The Rise of ``Worse is Better'' 1255. LCROSS Live Broadcast 1256. http://norvig.com/spell-correct.html
1257. http://www.mehryar.com/bookmarks/bookmarks.html
1258. Exploring How To Configure Irb 1259. Muscle power saves the day for Hubble camera 1260. The PayPal Shopping Cart - Add to Cart and View Cart Buttons 1261. Avoid Common Pitfalls in Greasemonkey 1262. Map Reduce 1263. The Anatomy of the Assignment Operator 1264. http://www.joke-archives.com/quizzes/amazing.html
1265. Multics 1266. Graded Browser Support 1267. Web Page Layout Grid 1268. neural networks 1269. Sir Michael Atiyah, University of Edinburgh 1270. Compression Basics 1271. The devil's guide to citing the literature 1272. The Story of Squeak, A Practical Smalltalk Written in Itself 1273. Introduction to natural deduction 1274. http://www.oldcitypublishing.com/IJUC/IJUC.html
1275. Going to Google 1276. logicians formalized an ideal notion of proof 1277. INTRODUCTION TO CATEGORY THEORY 1278. Zoology of Numbers: 0 to 69 1279. Fundamental Forth 1280. Classes vs. Prototypes Some Philosophical and Historical Observations 1281. What Is Flickr (and Hot Tips for Using It) 1282. confuse urgent with important 1283. message threading 1284. Frequently Asked Tax Questions And Answers 1285. Search Rank Easy to Manipulate 1286. Revenge of the Nerds 1287. EU software patenting 1288. Latest Local Las Vegas Restaurants Comments 1289. Who is Your Website's Audience? Unsorted:


1290. HiJack is a hardware/software platform for creating cubic-inch sensor peripherals for the mobile phone 1291. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/42GGHd/www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-Power-Transmission-Over-Short-Distances-U/
1292. PyCon 2010 Wireless Network 1293. A Crash Course in Modern Hardware 1294. Slashdot%2Fslashdot %28Slashdot%29&utm_content=The DIY Book Scanner Hardware:

1295. Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API (vinaysahni.com) 1296. Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API 1297. Building iPhone and iPad Electronic ProjectsReal-World Arduino, Sensor, and Bluetooth Low Energy Apps in techBASIC 1298. Understanding and Using C Pointers 1299. Want to ace your Y Combinator interview? Be relentlessly empathetic (perfectaudience.com) 1300. Want to ace your Y Combinator interview? Be relentlessly empathetic (perfectaudience.com) 1301. Doin' MOOC Time 1302. Cultural critic Evgeny Morozov has just written the essay equivalent of The Social Network. 1303. client.c -- a stream socket client demo 1304. Some dark corners of C (docs.google.com) 1305. Tutorial: Microcontrollers-MCU Basic Structure/Operation, Renesas Engineer School 1306. Basic Option Strategies, Part 1 1307. Understanding C by learning assembly 1308. hidden or little-known nice feature of Mac OS X 1309. Elastic Search - Incorporated (elasticsearch.com) 1310. What They Don't Tell You About Public Speaking (zachholman.com) 1311. What They Don't Tell You About Public Speaking 1312. Static Sites on Heroku 1313. Lessons In Electric Circuits 1314. Classical Electromagnetic Fields 1315. basic description of each fallacy 1316. How can C Programs be so Reliable? 1317. Deep C (and C ) 1318. Why Amazon Is The Best Strategic Player In Tech 1319. The Aggregate Magic Algorithms 1320. Public speaking for normal people 1321. Logic and Artificial Intelligence 1322. Rich Hickey on Datomic: Datalog, Databases, Persistent Data Structures 1323. Add dynamic content to your Web pages with an integrated Salesforce database 1324. Everything you ever wanted to know about C types, Part 2: Floating point and derived types 1325. Everything you ever wanted to know about C types, Part 1: What's in a type? 1326. The Top Ten VC Blogs (New And Improved) 1327. W3C DOM 1328. Expert C Programming 1329. Gauge Theory, Ramification, And The Geometric Langlands Program 1330. symmetry A joint Fermilab/SLAC publication 1331. C/C Reference 1332. A Short IRC Primer 1333. IRC FAQ 1334. VC SIGNALING IS SCREWING UP THE ABILITY OF SOME COMPANIES TO RAISE A SERIES A- 1335. Linear Logic and Permutation Stacks--The Forth Shall Be First 1336. WHAT ARE YOU OPTIMISTIC ABOUT? WHY? 1337. Computational Complexity and the Anthropic Principle 1338. introducing students and the general public to the discipline of computation 1339. Polymorphic type inference C :

1340. How to Write Testable and Maintainable Code in PHP 1341. A Regular Expression MatcherCode by Rob PikeExegesis by Brian Kernighan 1342. These materials are all about making learning to program as fast and painless as possible. 1343. very interesting "advent calendar", 1344. TapChat is mobile IRC done right 1345. 20 lines of code that will beat A/B testing every time 1346. HTML5 Features that you must implement right now 1347. The Brittleness of Type Hierarchies 1348. Ticket Servers: Distributed Unique Primary Keys on the Cheap 1349. Learn to Code and BUILD SOMETHING 1350. Ask Reddit: Which OSS codebases out there are so well designed that you would consider them 'must reads'? (programming.reddit.com) 1351. Are You a Zen Coder or Distraction-Junkie? 1352. Imagine if you are extended multiple job offers from different companies 1353. I wrote some code I no longer believe in trivial changes being trivial 1354. How Facebook Finds The Best Design Talent, And Keeps Them Happy 1355. the evolving ultrasaurus 1356. Successful Strategies for Commenting Code 1357. What is Pugs 1358. Unit testing in Coders at Work 1359. master_slave_adapter plugin 1360. The Codebreakers: The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet 1361. beautiful code programming 1362. Everything you ever wanted to know about video codecs 1363. Code Kata 1364. Kitchen Sink Example Project 1365. Understanding higher-order code for free 1366. Xyle scope Code:

1367. Rapid Android DevelopmentBuild Rich, Sensor-Based Applications with Processing 1368. Linux System Programming, 2nd EditionTalking Directly to the Kernel and C Library 1369. Writing device drivers in Linux: A brief tutorial 1370. A Curious Course on Coroutines and Concurrency 1371. PSEUDO ALIASES FOR COMMONLY USED LONG COMMANDS 1372. Your Objects, the Unix Way 1373. Why is processing a sorted array faster than an unsorted array? 1374. Payment Processing: How does Apple do payments so well? 1375. Raising netowrk limits for broadband under Linux 1376. The TTY demystified 1377. PyCon 2011: Using Coroutines to Create Efficient, High-Concurrency Web Applications 1378. What every computer science major should know 1379. A set of top Computer Science blogs 1380. The Strange Birth and Long Life of Unix 1381. lsof - examples and tips 1382. Beej's Guide to Unix IPC 1383. Why did you write Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment 1384. Circuits 1385. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming 1386. The Protection of Information in Computer Systems 1387. 45 Free Online Computer Science Courses 1388. C.A.R. Hoare revisits his past Communications article on the axiomatic approach 1389. The Cognitive Dynamics of Computer Science 1390. A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software 1391. 6.893- Philosophy and Theoretical Computer Science 1392. Tanenbaum's advice for building product, networks, and living life 1393. What Is MINIX 3? 1394. Linus vs. Tanenbaum 1395. A primer on Bézier curves 1396. Applying the Unix Process Model to Web Apps 1397. All about Linux signals 1398. Download Advanced Linux Programming 1399. The Kernel Boot Process 1400. Sony VAIO Z505HE 1401. Linux Kernel Development 1402. Inside the Machine: An Illustrated Introduction to Microprocessors and Computer Architecture 1403. Anatomy of the Linux kernel 1404. Real-Time Stream Analysis 1405. Free Online Books 1406. Writing Efficient Android Code 1407. Linux IP Networking 1408. The mysterious ^[[ characters 1409. System and Administrative Commands 1410. Torvalds on the Microkernel Debate 1411. What Is the X Window System Linux:

1412. MySQL Tutorial 1: Overview, Tables, Queries 1413. The Anatomy Of Search Technology: Blekko's NoSQL Database 1414. Nice SQL tutorial 1415. Common MySQL Queries 1416. http://www.igvita.com/2008/10/27/scaling-activerecord-with-mysqlplus/
1417. How To Set Up A Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster 1418. Relational Databases for Biologists 1419. MySQL Searchable Docs 1420. Hipp conceived of the idea of SQLite 1421. MySQL SQL:

1422. The XML C library for Gnome 1423. Google C Style Guide 1424. How to create a REST Protocol 1425. find a lawyer 1426. XML::Twig Quick ref 1427. Why Groves XML:

1428. CSS Architecture 1429. Architecture 1430. HTML Color Names 1431. The 30 CSS Selectors you Must Memorize 1432. In this video, we start the CSS course. 1433. Color Wheels are wrong? How color vision actually works 1434. hexadecimal color codes for shades of blue 1435. CSS ARROW PLEASE! 1436. First: Create SASS variables for your basic colors 1437. colorize your terminal apps 1438. http://color.method.ac/
1439. Wiki color formatting help 1440. Color Codes Matching Chart 1441. Have a great time creating your HTML pages with great colors! 1442. HEX HTML COLOR CODES 1443. Expert Performance and Deliberate Practice 1444. CSS Tutorial 1445. cssbasics 1446. CSS:Basics 1447. Make the most of the iPhone SDK 1448. Float basics 1449. 53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn't Live Without CSS:

1450. Responsive Patterns 1451. Responsive Patterns 1452. Responsive Patterns 1453. Bayesian Methods for Hackers 1454. Make it real 1455. Read the jQuery source like a book like a boss. 1456. Yummy cookies across domains 1457. Handy Git tips 1458. Xiph.Org's second video on digital media 1459. Git Branches 1460. Good article on merge vs. rebase. 1461. Introducing Go by Example (github.com) 1462. NSQ is a realtime message processing system designed to operate at bitly's scale 1463. How can a programmer learn to design websites that don't suck 1464. A Visual Git Reference 1465. Handsontable 1466. A better git log 1467. Understanding viewport 1468. This interactive tutorial will teach you how to use the sequent calculus 1469. Data-Intensive Text Processingwith MapReduce 1470. How Certificates Use Digital Signatures 1471. An easier way to create repositories 1472. Git Is Simpler Than You Think 1473. Scala School! 1474. Git Reference 1475. How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub 1476. Does EM buffer during GC? 1477. What is EventMachine? 1478. A simple preforking echo server in C 1479. The course of study at ArsDigita University 1480. edit digital photographs 1481. Got Git? HOWTO git and github 1482. The Git Parable 1483. A Django app to accept payments from various payment processors via Pluggable backends 1484. GIT IMMERSION IS A GUIDED TOUR THAT WALKS THROUGH THE FUNDAMENTALS OF GIT 1485. The Thing About Git Git:

1486. HTML5 Game Development For Dummies 1487. Everything Is Marketing: How Growth Hackers Redefine The Game 1488. Real Time Multiplayer in HTML5 1489. The Linux Graphics Stack 1490. Build New Games 1491. HTML5 is great for game development 1492. The Game Innovator's Dilemma 1493. Debugging and Optimizing WebGL Applications - New Game 2011 1494. I devised a game called "How To Train Your Robot" 1495. fastcompany%2Fheadlines %28Fast Company Headlines%29&utm_content=Why the Apple Tablet Is a Games Changer 1496. An Open Source Futuristic Action Flight Simulator Game 1497. Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming 1498. From Voodoo to GeForce: The Awesome History of 3D Graphics 1499. A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation Graphics:

1500. Mike Pall: Ramblings on languages and architectures (freelists.org) 1501. Grammars are the language of languages. 1502. How browsers work 1503. The Power of Language 1504. language-independent shared socket manager 1505. Hi-Def DSLRs May Be Cheap, But Talent Is Priceless 1506. Implementing DSL Blocks 1507. Compiler Design in C 1508. Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation 1509. Packrat Parsing 1510. Lexing and Parsing with Marpa 1511. One-Day Compilers 1512. Students often ask for a recommendation on what language they should learn next 1513. 7 Actually Useful Things You Didn't Know Static Typing Could Do: An Introduction for the Dynamic Language Enthusiast 1514. Objective-C is the primary language used to write Mac software 1515. Continuations for User Journeys in Web Applications Considered Harmful 1516. Ongoing Continuations 1517. Continuations for Curmudgeons 1518. idioms that are in the English language 1519. Will Continuations continue? 1520. Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages 1521. Cω is an experimental research language 1522. Trivial Artificial Neural Network in Assembly Language 1523. Why I like lots of languages, and Go is pretty neat too 1524. Iterators: Signs of Weakness in Object-Oriented Languages 1525. History of logic and programming languages 1526. Philip Wadler: New Languages Old Logic 1527. The Hecl Programming Language Misc Languages:

1528. The Caves of Clojure: Part 4 1529. Heating Up Clojure 1530. t clojure's polymorphism constructs and protocols 1531. Lightning Talk - Introducing Clarity: Swing application development for Clojure 1532. A busy person's introduction to Clojure 1533. My first days with Clojure Clojure:

1534. The following design document describes the the new garbage collector (GC) to be introduced with LuaJIT 2.1 1535. Rating System Will Evaluate Free Software 1536. Why Lua 1537. Programming in Lua 1538. LÖVE is an *awesome* framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua Lua:

1539. Java Infinite Streams 1540. LearnJavaOnline.org 1541. GapList - a lightning-fast List implementation 1542. The Modern Java Ecosystem (for the Sinatra or web.py lover) 1543. Java Threads, an Inconvenient Truth 1544. Introducing Java Bindings for OpenGL 1545. Clojure could be to Concurrency-Oriented Programming what Java was to OOP 1546. Java Concurrency in Practice 1547. javaposse.com Java:

1548. Testable JavaScript 1549. JavaScript Enlightenment 1550. HTML5 Programming with JavaScript For Dummies 1551. Learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and more... 1552. Revisiting JavaScript Objects 1553. PERFORMANCE TIPS FOR JAVASCRIPT IN V8 1554. Realtime Performance Visualizations using Node.js 1555. Chat webapp with node.js 1556. Scaling node.js to 100k concurrent connections! 1557. The game was made with my JavaScript Game Engine, 1558. Felix's Node.js Convincing the boss guide 1559. How to write a simple interpreter in JavaScript 1560. Node.js modules you should know about: optimist 1561. The Node Beginner Book 1562. Blazing fast node.js: 10 performance tips from LinkedIn Mobile 1563. The Express Route to Building a Apps 1564. Node at scale: What Google, Mozilla, 1565. Solving the upload progress bar problem-The History of Node.js 1566. Websockets and More: 20 awesome node.js npm modules we use every day 1567. 695k TPS with Node.js and VoltDB 1568. Functional Pearls 1569. Natural Deduction Reading for Beginners 1570. hugely long debate threads 1571. Node.js Guide 1572. Real-time Games using HTML5, WebSockets, nodejs and-socket.io 1573. 2.1 Compiling A Library 1574. Nodeflakes - real time tweet powered snowflakes 1575. nodeflakes 1576. John Backus, inventor of FORTRAN, the BNF, and winner of the 1977 Turing Award 1577. advice on learning about the theoretical study of programming languages 1578. Diagramly is an example application built using the mxGraph JavaScript Diagramming library 1579. Javascript Best Practices 1580. Crossfilter is a JavaScript library for exploring large multivariate datasets in the browser 1581. JavaScript Patterns Collection 1582. Basic JavaScript: values, variables, and control flow 1583. SpaceMagic is a full-stack javascript web development framework designed to allow you to build fast, real-time web applications 1584. CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript. 1585. JavaScript Tutorial 1586. JavaScript Events 1587. anti-JavaScripters Javascript:

1588. Emacs for Xcode ios Development 1589. reference-like tutorial is aimed at Emacs beginners 1590. Learn the basics of Emacs Emacs:

1591. How Erlang does scheduling 1592. How Erlang does scheduling 1593. Erlang Websocket Server using Cowboy 1594. Why Erlang? (smyck.net) 1595. Erlang Style Concurrency 1596. This is the Go model and (like Erlang and others) it's based on CSP 1597. erlang-mode 1598. you should look at Erlang Erlang:

1599. for kernel programming and after trying some (D, C , OCaml … ) 1600. OCaml for the Masses Ocaml:

1601. Introduction to Haskell 1602. The category design pattern 1603. Why Haskell Is Worth Learning 1604. Minimize your cloud costs with GLPK and Haskell 1605. GPU-accelerated array computations in Haskell 1606. Is Haskell a Good Choice for Web Applications? 1607. Tech talk video: Haskell and the Social-Web 1608. Haskell web programmingA Yesod tutorial 1609. What are attribute grammars 1610. replacing System.Time 1611. The Monad.Reader 1612. Haskell Weekly News 1613. Why does Haskell matter? 1614. Haskell Hacking: a journal of Haskell programming 1615. Robozzle Kata in Haskell 1616. How to Learn Haskell 1617. Programming:Haskell 1618. Haskell Haskell:

1619. Essential Elisp libraries (wilfred.me.uk) 1620. Essential Elisp Libraries 1621. Not Lisp again.... 1622. The Newbie Guide to Common Lisp 1623. Color Palette 1624. How I stopped worrying and switched to C for my Bob Scheme VM 1625. A Schemer's Introduction to Monads 1626. A Quick Elisp Tutorial 1627. Clojure Tutorial For the Non-Lisp Programmer 1628. One New Language a Year: (was) Smalltalk 1629. A Short Course in Common Lisp 1630. Pascal Costanza's Highly Opinionated Guide to Lisp 1631. The Nature of Lisp 1632. Successful Lisp:How to Understand and Use Common Lisp 1633. GC Papers by Hans-J Boehm at Xerox PARC 1634. I'm going to try to convince you that LISP is beautiful 1635. Common Lisp the Language 1636. LISP prehistory 1637. Lisp Programming Language 1638. Programming in Emacs Lisp 1639. LISP Primer 1640. Enter Scheme 1641. MIT/GNU Scheme 1642. How To Organize a Picnic on a Computer 1643. Lisp Comic Book 1644. emacs lisp collection 1645. L-99: Ninety-Nine Lisp Problems 1646. An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp 1647. GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual Lisp:

1648. UX for Lean Startups 1649. Understanding How Dilution Affects You at a Startup 1650. Meet Mr. Money Mustache, the man who retired at 30 1651. Meet Mr. Money Mustache, the man who retired at 30 1652. Meet Mr. Money Mustache, the man who retired at 30 1653. Meet Mr. Money Mustache, the man who retired at 30 1654. Quantitative Finance Reading List (quantstart.com) 1655. Picking tech for your startup (opbeat.com) 1656. From Selling Scoops Of Ice Cream To Founding ZeroCater 1657. How to Get Good at Making Money 1658. Start-up of You, Visual Summary 1659. Don't Blindly Model Your SaaS Pricing on 37signals 1660. How to name your startup: A 9 month first-hand journey through rebranding. 1661. http://wrapbootstrap.com/preview/WB0PHMG9K
1662. Very Basic Startup Marketing 1663. GIVING OPTIONS IN EUROPEAN STARTUPS 1664. Measure Results, Not Hours, to Improve Work Efficiency 1665. How much can I sell my startup for? 1666. The only 2 ways to build a $100 million business 1667. Galago fits a powerful 32-bit ARM chip, an on-board debugger 1668. Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know, But Can Learn From 1669. Ask HN: What is the best way to promote your startup? 1670. I'm betting £10k 1671. 7 Steps To Get Press Coverage For Your Startup 1672. Work harder on yourself than you do on your startup 1673. Early Startup Time Wasters 1674. found·er¹ (noun) 1675. Which is better: Many customers at low price-point or few at high price? 1676. Peter Thiel's CS183: Startup - Class 4 Notes Essay 1677. A startup founder's hourly rate 1678. Before naming your startup, read this. 1679. Lessons Learned After Year One As a Startup Founder 1680. The Startup Pyramid 1681. Ten Highly Successful Bootstrapped Startups 1682. How Startups Are Like Surfing And Why They're Both Awesome 1683. Selling is Hard-Work 1684. Free Startup Docs: How Much Equity Should Advisors-Get? 1685. You're Pricing It Wrong: Software Pricing Demystified 1686. Superhero Tricks For Startup Parents 1687. my advice to startups pitching the media 1688. A startup escape path 1689. 26 questions you have to answer correctly to get funding for your startup 1690. Some Heart-felt and Humble Advice For Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz 1691. Why Bootstrapping Is Just As Over-Rated As Raising Venture-Capital 1692. Just Fucking Sell 1693. The importance of sleep in a startup 1694. Books for-Startups 1695. Your startup idea is worthwhile if it is 1696. Maintain a Rockin' Blog for Your Startup 1697. How To Get Media Coverage For Your Startup: A Complete Guide 1698. 10 Principles of Effective Pricing Pages 1699. My experiments in lean pricing 1700. Pricing in reverse: use a product's price to figure out what you need to build. 1701. Startups 101: The Complete Mint Presentation 1702. Top three reasons NOT to do a local online startup (and what to do instead) 1703. is how frightening the most ambitious startup ideas are 1704. Startups: a hidden lifestyle at MIT 1705. Paths to $5M for a startup founder 1706. Why I Quit Algorithmic Trading to Do Web Startups 1707. An Inside Look at how a VC Evaluates Startups 1708. "Bitch In The Boardroom" Stereotype 1709. How To Choose A Board Member 1710. An Investment Manager's View on the Top 1% 1711. A Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom As It Relates To Investment Management 1712. Ember and D3: Building responsive analytics 1713. Language Oriented Programming: The Next Programming Paradigm 1714. http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/quant-ph/pdf/0206/0206089.pdf
1715. three things that are required to be successful at business analytics 1716. How to Get Started in the Consulting Business 1717. What can an entrepreneur say in an investor meeting that instantly marks them as an amateur? 1718. Apocalypse Later: The End of Europe Has Been Delayed Indefinitely 1719. All transactions under $10 are now free. 1 for small business. 1720. Abstraction makes us stupid at business 1721. How to Build a Startup 1722. Dear business people, an iOS app actually takes a lot of work! 1723. A Mortgage Tornado Warning, Unheeded 1724. BUFFETT: Guess How Big A Cube All The Gold In The World Would Make 1725. Tell Everyone About Your Business Idea - Don't Keep It A Secret 1726. Ditch Your Bad Financial Habits 1727. Google Wants to Dominate Madison 1728. Small Business Home 1729. Business Readiness Rating Business:

1730. The film can be enjoyed by anyone, provided the chapters are well-chosen 1731. Physics for Game Developers, 2nd EditionScience, math, and code for realistic effects 1732. Math ∩ Programming 1733. Why there is no Hitchhiker's Guide to Mathematics for Programmers 1734. My First Recommendation to New Scientific Coders: Learn Visualization 1735. Can we build a more efficient airplane? Not really, says physics. 1736. The CIA and Jeff Bezos Bet on Quantum Computing 1737. Telling people to leave finance (mathbabe.org) 1738. Your Scientific Reasoning Is More Flawed Than You Think 1739. The 11 Ways That Consumers Are Hopeless at Math 1740. Why does the Higgs deca 1741. In Math You Have to Remember, In Other Subjects You Can Think About It 1742. legendary 1951 Dyson Lectures on Advanced Quantum Mechanics 1743. Introduction to Lie Groups in Physics 1744. INTRODUCTION TO TENSOR CALCULUS and CONTINUUM MECHANICS 1745. Introductory Quantum Chemistry 1746. Quantum Physics 1747. Quantum Mechanics I Course 1748. "Modern" physics 1749. Complex Analysis Project Numerical Analysis Project 1750. Computational Physics -- 3rd/4th Year Option 1751. Thermal and Statistical Physics 1752. http://www.physics.umd.edu/courses/Phys603/kelly/
1753. http://www-thphys.physics.ox.ac.uk/people/JamesBinney/cmech.pdf
1754. textbook for an introductory course in complex analysis 1755. Is Reality Digital or Analog? Read the Essays and Cast your Vote 1756. This article was adapted from Gödel and the limits of logic by JW Dawson 1757. Magnetic fields light up 'GPS neurons', scientists say 1758. MacDowell-Mansouri gravity and Cartan geometry 1759. Quantum Theory: von Neumann versus Dirac 1760. The Double-Blind Control Experiment 1761. Scientists Link Diamonds in Strange Quantum Entanglement 1762. Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications [Hardcover] 1763. Zap your brain into the zone: Fast track to pure focus 1764. A Mathematical Bridge: An Intuitive Journey in Higher Mathematics 1765. Gateway to Higher Mathematics 1766. Bridge To Higher Mathematics 1767. How to Read a Scientific Research Paper--a four-step guide for students and for faculty 1768. Unicode Characters in the 'Symbol, Math' Category 1769. Why pi is 3 1770. TOP TEN UNSOLVED PROBLEMS IN PHYSICS 1771. Free Mathematics Books 1772. Peter D. Lax contributions to mathematics 1773. The Cornell Library Historical Mathematics Monographs 1774. PHYSICS SERMON 1775. http://people.pwf.cam.ac.uk/jlnw3/maths/books/prime/
1776. http://www.physics.uwo.ca/ugrad/p021/course_information/bread.html
1777. Book Recommendations For Maths To Astrophysics 1778. Where Mathematics Comes From: How the Embodied Mind Brings Mathematics into Being 1779. How to Read Mathematics 1780. Casting out Nines 1781. James Clerk Maxwell: a force for physics 1782. This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics 1783. http://www.math.ru.nl/~landsman/FGQTmini.pdf
1784. Teaching Discrete Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources 1785. Why the Professor Can't Teachby Morris Kline 1786. http://www.mathsci.appstate.edu/~jlh/primer/hirst.pdf
1787. Axiom is a general purpose system for doing mathematics by computer 1788. The Potential of the Cell Processor for Scientific Computing 1789. PhysicsWeb 1790. The work of Robert Langlands 1791. Vector vs. Raster 1792. Speed Mathematics 1793. All about GNU Emacs 1794. The Haskell Road To Logic, Maths And Programming Math:

1795. Free Python ebook: Bayesian Methods for Hackers (github.com) 1796. Algorithms and Data Structures Using Python 1797. Algorithms and Data Structures Using Python 1798. Accelerating Python Libraries with Numba (Part 2) (continuum.io) 1799. Test-Driven Web Development with Python 1800. Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition 1801. django-inplaceedit 0.94 1802. django-inplaceedit 0.94 1803. django-inplaceedit 0.94 1804. Building websites in Python with Flask 1805. Escaping The Walled Garden of Enterprise Analytics: Using R and Python For Data Analysis 1806. PHP, Python and Persuasion 1807. Python Packaging: Hate, hate, hate everywhere (pocoo.org) 1808. Python Packaging: Hate, hate, hate everywhere 1809. Improving your code with modern idioms 1810. Python SMTP Server for Humans 1811. Python for Humans 1812. Python Deployment Anti-Patterns 1813. Python Fundamentals Training - More on Functions 1814. Concurrency with Python, Twisted, and Flex 1815. Why so many Python web frameworks? 1816. Python object creation sequence 1817. Python FAQ: Equality 1818. Working with Python subprocess 1819. Continuations Made Simple and Illustrated 1820. indexnext |How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python 3 1821. Requests is an elegant and simple HTTP library for Python 1822. Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python 1823. Continuations and Stackless Python Python:

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